How To Treat And Get Rid Of Varicose Veins At Home


Varicose vein treatment Adelaide can be performed by a vein specialist or otherwise known as a veinopath. A vein specialist or vein therapist is a certified medical doctor that specializes in treating venous conditions. Their job is to diagnose the patient’s problem and then begin evaluating and treating them accordingly. This form of treatment may be necessary to lessen or eliminate the symptoms of varicose vein problems.


Vein injections have been the most common form of Odyssey-Vein-Clinic varicose vein treatment in Adelaide. With vein injections, specially trained doctors inject a tiny, thin liquid into the swollen vein to break down the thick vein wall and reduce the likelihood of further infection. Generally, an injection is usually taken around the affected area to give immediate relief from pain and discomfort. However, this particular treatment is only effective if you get rid of the bulging veins. If you do not, then the medication will sit around in your system.


One of the common symptoms of varicose veins is an unsightly, lumpy appearance under the skin. This condition causes physical discomfort because it affects your circulation. It can also indicate a more serious underlying health condition, so you should let your doctor know about it to make a proper diagnosis.


A vein specialist can also perform the laser Odyssey-Vein-Clinic varicose vein treatment in Adelaide. This procedure involves using a special laser to cut a slice out of the patient’s affected area. The cut is made along the surface of the varicose vein, where the damaged vessel is located. Once this is done, the laser is used to burn away the tissue causing the varicose vein to collapse and shrink. After the procedure, your doctor will leave the laser alone to fix the problem. However, you will need to stay in the hospital for a few days to recover.


Another varicose vein treatment Adelaide involves the use of compression stockings. Unlike other methods of getting rid of bulging or distorted veins, this one does not require surgery. Instead, it relies on your body’s natural healing process to get rid of the problem. This may sound like a straightforward solution, but it can help patients avoid the embarrassment and pain brought about by having unsightly veins showing through their clothes. Compression stockings for Odyssey-Vein-Clinic varicose vein treatment in Adelaide can be found at most health stores.


Most patients who have undergone these treatments have experienced significant improvements in the appearance and feel of their skin. Because of the many benefits of these treatments, many people are now opting to get rid of unsightly veins altogether. However, varicose veins may still occur even after successful treatments. Several factors contribute to this, like aging, genetic predisposition and being overweight. For this reason, you must check with your doctor regularly to make sure that the treatment you are getting is working for you.