What You Should Know About TENS Machines


TENS machines are great means of effectively reducing courageous pain without surgery. TENS units will make the ultimate difference between calm tranquillity and suffering if you’re already taking other conventional pain medications with little or no success. The advantages of utilizing TENS devices are as follows: pain relief. However, before you decide to get a TENS machine, it is best to determine the exact cause of your pain.

There are two types of TENS machines that you can choose from directly planted electrodes and rotary electrode pads. The former kind has a small electronic circuit board on its surface and sends a pulse of electrical current directly to your skin. On the other hand, the latter has a large pad with numerous electrodes moulded onto its surface. These pads have moving parts that generate continuous pulses of current for your skin.

In general, the most popular TENS machine is the direct-plant unit because it generates a very intense stimulus level. The picture source unit uses a special camera that captures an image of your skin through the infrared light it produces. You then feed this image into the unit, where it is transformed into a sound and converted into electrical pulses to deliver pain-relieving impulses directly to the painful area.

Another advantage of using this TENS machine Australia is that it can provide temporary relief for those who cannot withstand long periods of sitting or standing. The portable variety is a battery-operated device that has a rechargeable lithium battery. This TENS unit runs on low energy power and needs to be charged only when you use it.

One thing to note about the TENS machine Australia is that it provides the sensation of relaxation to your muscles, but it does not cure your condition. Instead, it relaxes and removes tension from your muscles by releasing relaxing electro-contractions in your muscles. It releases the adhesions in your muscles and reduces pain and stiffness instantly after the stimulation. This makes the TENS machine a convenient device to use when you want to relieve muscle pain temporarily or when you want to use it to relax and feel your muscles get relaxed.

This is especially important to note when you have certain diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, and those related to overexertion of your body. For example, a person with diabetes will most likely experience muscle pain after exercising. Because the muscle tensions are released, the blood glucose level in the blood may rise, causing a potentially harmful situation. For those suffering from heart conditions, using a TENS unit may cause the sensation of pain or discomfort because there is no current coming from the body. This can lead to the patient feeling more pain and discomfort.

In general, the TENS machine can be very beneficial to people who have chronic pain. However, it should be noted that this is only true if the patient uses the unit properly. Some people misuse the unit resulting in continuous discomfort and pain instead of being relieved after a single use. When you do not follow proper safety measures and use the tens unit other than the way it was intended, you may cause permanent damage to the skin and may cause serious complications to your condition.

If you have any questions about using a TENS machine, it is highly recommended that you ask your health care provider or a qualified therapist first. Many professionals have studied and developed ways on how to use a TENS machine effectively. You may choose to read their work or ask them to demonstrate their works for you. This will give you an idea of how the device works and help you properly use it in the long run.