Lightweight Swim Shorts Review – Do They Live Up to Their Name?

For the longest time, I had no idea what ORTC swim shorts were. All I knew was that swim shorts were meant to cover your underwear, that they were tight and unflattering, that you could not show your butt or legs in a one-piece swimsuit, and that they cost money. Lucky for me, my wife has been into yoga and Pilates and has started learning how to swim. I’ve tried her products, and she told me that they were great. Recently, I saw her at a beach and saw that she had some nice men’s swimwear.

Best all-around swim shorts for men. Orlebar Brown Softie Mid Length Swim Trunk. These shorts are made of spandex/jersey fabric and have a button front. Three of us said this was our favourite swimsuit (and it turned out to be the only one mentioned by more than one person). They’re pretty comfortable and have good material that wicks away moisture, so you stay dry. The Orlebar Brown is a basic solid colour and has a medium-short length in the rear and long length in the front (I’m six-foot, and my husband is five-foot-ten inches).

Mr P., I’ve also tried Orlebar and have to say it’s a nice swimsuit. Its all mesh has stretchy netting over the waist and butt for extra support and has an adjustable neck with a snap-down collar. The netting on the sides of the ORTC swim shorts are nice and wide, so they are easy to pull down. And the underside of the swim trunks has nice elastic banding that helps prevent underwear from getting stuck on them.

Blue Hawaii Ocean Waves Trunk Collection (tie) – This one has a nice floral design and comes in one size small through seven. We liked that the front of the swim shorts had a little mesh (not too noticeable and not too transparent) and that there were four strips of recycled plastic in the middle of the front. The ORTC swim shorts are made of a breathable mesh material that wicks sweat away from you but doesn’t feel sweaty or moist when you get wet. There is also a drawstring at the top of the back of the trunks to fasten them. There is also a separate piece of mesh on the inside of the front of the ORTC swim shorts, which has elastic banding to make it easy to open and close.

The ORTC swim shorts are made of mesh and come in two cuts: small and large. The large is wider than the small, and they both fit our frame very nicely. The large has an elastic waistband for added support and stretchy banded side pockets (which makes it easy to get things in and out). And the small has a cute floral pattern that matches the tankini tops we wear. It has an elastic waistband and side pockets, so it is good for summer (because it’s cool and breathable), but not perfect for home exercise.

To summarize, we like the tankini tank tops and the mesh netted swim shorts from Reebok, but the ORTC swim shorts are a good alternative if you are looking for a lightweight choice with good coverage. You can find similar quality Nautica shorts in different colours and patterns, for less money. And as we said before, they are great for exercise at home and casual swimming. If you want to spend your hard-earned money, look for the Nautica trunks instead of the netting swim shorts. They are just as light, and they give you the coverage you want without the bulk and the expense.