Vital Garage Tools for Every Car Owner

Maintaining a vehicle is a responsibility that goes beyond just bringing your car to the auto repairman. To save on costs, you should secure a set of critical tools that will help with basic fixes or tightening-up tasks. If you want to ensure that you are prepared for unexpected occurrences on the road, have an AdelaideTools Socket Set ready at all times.


Through time, bolts and nuts on cars loosen up. Even if you follow through with the maintenance checks for your vehicle at the auto shop, you should still have the essential tools that will prevent potential damage to your car.



What are these tools, and why do I need them?


  1. Socket Set


Sockets are mostly spotted inside vehicle shops and automotive parts stores. These tools come in various sizes and are made for different bolts and nuts on your car. The best AdelaideTools Socket Set will ensure that you are ready to tighten up loose bolts that could pose damaging threats to your auto.


Socket sets come with a wrench or ratchet that works with the different sizes of sockets on your toolbox. Experts recommend taking the set with your wherever you go to make sure you are prepared for unexpected scenarios wherein nuts or bolts loosen up while you travel.



  1. Axle Stand and Jack


These two should always go together. One cannot work successfully without the other. These tools are used whenever a vehicle is raised for repairs or cleaning. You can ask your provider to teach you how to use these two partners for necessary fixes.


  1. Chocks


Many people think wheel chocks are not very important. However, these are included in the topmost recommended list for auto equipment. You can use chocks whenever you park in a sloping area. Sometimes, handbrakes are not enough to keep a vehicle from sliding down a hill. Chocks are necessary for added safety.


  1. Jumper Cables and Handy Flashlight


In case your battery shuts down in the middle of the road, jumper cables can help you get out of the busy street. A flashlight, on the other hand, will help you make quick fixes if ever your car needs some touch-ups in a dark alley.


  1. Extra Tire


Flat tires are some of the most common problems car owners experience. Always have an extra tire in the car wherever you go – even if you won’t be travelling out of town. Preparing for potential scenarios will help lessen your worries whenever you step out of the house.


Car maintenance can sometimes be costly if you buy all the tools above at once. Experts recommend starting with one or two of the above. You can later complete all items in your toolbox.