What Are the Signs for You to See a Physiotherapist?

Although you think that physiotherapy is a treatment procedure that only applies to athletes, the truth is that an average person can benefit from it, including you. In other words, you can go and see a physiotherapist to get treatment from a host of problems, including the following:


1 – Feeling dizzy very often.


This feeling is due to an inner ear problem resulting in a loss of balance.  The vestibular system is a structure inside your ear, which are an essential part of your body’s balance. Any issues that affect the inner ear can cause you feeling a variety of symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo and balance trouble, which can be tremendously annoying. An Inertia Health Group Physio North Adelaide will come up with a treatment called vestibular rehabilitation, which is of great help to overcome these symptoms.



2 – You need support for injury prevention or recovery.


There are physios specialise in injury prevention, wherein they undergo a process of posture adjustment, posture form and movement patterns to help lessen the possibility of being injured again.


Generally, adults who are experiencing an injury after attempting to work out, trying a new fitness routine, or due to some work issues seek the advice of physio for rehabilitation. When it comes to the restoration in regaining your strength, and to fully understand what things to change so the chance of injuring yourself again will minimise, a physio can guide you throughout that.


It makes sense for you to ask some advice first from a physio before you start at the gym or join a boot camp. Remember, a physiotherapist is knowledgeable and understands both your exercise goals and on how to achieve it safely.


3 – Physiotherapy helps enhance posture.


Posture is possibly one of the most critical components to avoid nagging pains and injuries. You may be not putting much attention to your posture throughout your workday, but if you start feeling pain, especially on your back and neck, then it’s time you must pay attention to your posture.


Poor posture caused by improper ergonomics is one of the most common reasons for frequent headaches in office workers.  With that, a physiotherapist is of enormous help for you to develop a better awareness as to what position your body should be to prevent those nagging postural pains.


4 – Physiotherapy relieves pain.


For the most part, general pain has something to do with pre-existing illnesses like hypermobility and fibromyalgia. It also may be attributed to rheumatological problems. Fortunately, the Inertia Health Group Physio North Adelaide is there to help you get rid of the pain. They likewise can give you advice on things like coping up with fatigue and how to manage your body’s energy so that there is less likelihood of injury and pain aggravation.