Periodontal Treatment in Adelaide – Gum Disease Treatments

Suppose you or anyone you love has been diagnosed with gum disease. In that case, you must seek the best periodontal treatment in Adelaide possible. The importance of choosing the right dentist cannot be overstated. The treatment of gum disease is preventative, but it can significantly impact how well you heal from the oral infection and any other issues you may have.


It is recommended that all patients with this disease see an orthodontist for a consultation first. This will allow you to learn more about the various treatments that your dentist is recommending. If you are already using one of the recommended treatment procedures, you will want to see how they perform. During your first consultation, your dentist may suggest a series of dental treatments to help you get your teeth back in order.


Some people are fortunate enough to continue their day-to-day activities while being under Dental-Excellence periodontal treatment. In this case, your dental hygienist will recommend that you wear dental braces for six months or more. While braces can make it easier for you to brush your teeth and floss, they cannot prevent your gums from bleeding and becoming infected. Once you have had your braces for several years, it may be beneficial for you to have them removed if you ever plan on having any dental work done.


During your Dental-Excellence periodontal treatment, your dentist will likely give you an aftercare plan. You will be instructed to rinse your mouth twice daily with a mouthwash meant to strengthen your teeth’s dental structure in the interim. Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly will help to prevent any plaque from building up. After your initial visit, you should be given an information package explaining what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy and free from infection.


You will return for additional periodontal treatment Adelaide at approximately six to eight weeks’ interval. The first follow-up visit is typically a cleaning, followed by scaling and root planing. At this time, your mouth will be cleaned of any debris and bacteria that have accumulated during your Dental-Excellence periodontal treatment. This is also the time when your gum will be thoroughly scraped, a process called scaling.


Scaling and root planing remove plaque from between your teeth, which allows for healthier and stronger gum tissue. If not completed correctly, the buildup can become too extensive, causing damage to your gums and nearby teeth. Your dentist will use instruments to scrape off the tartar and plaque with surgical instruments or his/her hands. This process, called scaling, needs to be repeated at least four times before your plaque deposits are entirely removed from your teeth.