3 Important Factors to Consider Before Starting a Home Extensions Adelaide Project

A home extension comes in various forms – whether it’s for a single, dual, or multiple multiple-storey home. However, no matter what you plan to add to your existing home, keep in mind that there are a lot of things that you need to work out and consider before the extension project even begins. From the legalities and logistics to the materials that are to be used, you must be aware of these things and make the necessary preparations before you even start your home extensions Adelaide project. LangHomes.com.au wants you to know the things you need to consider before starting a home renovations project. That’s why we present you with these three essential factors:


Building Regulations

Even if your home extension doesn’t need any planning permissions, you’ll still need to get permit approval on your Building Regulations. The building regulations will determine if your building is safe and secure for an extension. It will set out some requirements for structural integrity, energy efficiency, fire safety, damp proofing, ventilation, and other factors.


Does it Even Add Value?

For your home extension plants to make sense, economic-wise, you’ll need to make sure that it adds greater value than the overall cost of the entire operation. It can be quite hard to make assessments at first, but finding similar-looking properties in your local area and determining the money that they spend on their homes can serve as a useful reference and guide. In addition, always be mindful of the ceiling value of your area – in this case, Adelaide. Make any adjustments if needed. For more information, visit LangHomes.com.au.


How Big Should It Be?

A lot of homeowners only think about the project in terms of square metres and not acknowledging the actual size that they’re planning to add to their homes. Bigger doesn’t always mean the better option. In fact, you can create the look and feel of having more space without even adding a large extension at all. Instead, you should determine your needs and use that as the basis for the size of your extensions project. Make sure you carefully assess them so that you can determine the actual size of space that you want to add.


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