Anxiety and Other Conditions Weighted Blankets Can Help Ease

The number of people suffering from anxiety has been increasing over the past years. With multiple global issues and personal problems that people face, anxiety problems are becoming the norm. However, recent studies reveal that Calming Blankets can help ease various psychological and emotional conditions, such as anxiety.

Heavy Blanket for AnxietyBoth adults and children can be affected by anxiety. There is no specific age for this condition because kids and adults have emotional and societal struggles every day. Recent studies have shown that using a heavy blanket for anxiety can help provide comfort and calming effects to sufferers.

Pressure from human touch is a known therapy for people dealing with anxiety. Weighted pressure has been used by therapists for many years to help anxious patients feel more at ease. Weighted blankets recreate the feeling that you are getting a hug from someone while you sleep, thus easing your worries and concerns.

Aside from anxiety, weighted Calming Blankets are also an excellent choice for people struggling with insomnia. This condition can intervene with life as usual because it can cause extreme mood swings and keep you from accomplishing anything throughout the day. A heavy blanket can help improve your sleeping patterns.

Restless leg syndrome is another condition that a growing number of people are being diagnosed with. The tingling feeling can be reduced by using a heavy blanket, experts say. This is because weighting down the legs has been proven to help dramatically reduce tingling or crawling sensations on the legs.

Depression has long been linked with anxiety. Many patients who suffer from depression also have anxiety bouts and extreme mood swings. Heavy blankets can help boost the production of serotonin in the brain. This chemical is necessary to keep people happy. Weighted pressure helps enhance your brain’s production of serotonin, keeping you happy for longer throughout the day.

The use of weighted blankets has also been proven to help stabilize symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People who went through stressful events or traumatic periods in life often have a hard time going back to life as usual before the tragic events took place. Through regular use of calming, heavy blankets, patients can slowly recover and lead better lives.

Most people with anxiety also experience panic attacks when triggered. Sleeping with heavy blankets can help a person manage panic attacks or even prevent them through good rest that brings out a refreshing feeling for sufferers.

Get your heavy blanket today and experience the calming and soothing effects that come with a better night’s rest and stabilized sleeping patterns.