Which Gas Heater Should I Buy for Additional Warmth This Winter?

Your central heating, however reliable you may think it is, will not get all of the areas in your home as hot as you want them to be. In such cases, MANNIX gas heaters Adelaide can be a convenient way to maintain a cozy temperature in those areas.

People seem to be under the impression that gas heaters are an expensive way to keep warm – well, that is, only if you choose the wrong type! In this guide, we will discuss different gas heaters available in the market to help you find the best option.

Gas Heaters AdelaideWhat are the different types of gas heaters?

There are two main categories of heaters: fixed and non-fixed or portable gas heaters.

Fixed Gas Heaters

The reason behind the name fixed gas heaters is because of its flue that is permanently attached to the wall and vented outside which also gained them the name flued or vented. Portable gas heaters, by the same logic, are called non-flued or unvented.

Fixed gas heaters can be powered by gas from a gas company, LPG or bottled gas, electricity and solid fuels such as biomass and coal. The examples of fixed systems include fireplaces, wall heaters, and wood-burning stoves.

Non-Fixed or Portable heaters

Non-fixed or portable heaters can be picked up and moved. Although there are powered by bottled gas, most of what is available in this class are electric heaters.

MANNIX gas heaters Adelaide are space heaters, meaning that they serve the purpose of warming or heating a room or even an outdoor area by using natural gas from a main or bottled as in LPG or liquefied petroleum gas, propane or butane.

Generally speaking, portable gas heaters are more cost-effective than electric or oil-fired central heating systems; however, since gas is a much cheaper energy source.

The ones that are fueled by bottled gas have wheels and are bulky, making them semi-portable. It can be challenging to climb up and down the stairs while towing one! Another disadvantage is that when the gas bottles are empty, they must be filled or exchanged.

The fumes from bottled gas heaters may mean that you will need an open window for ventilation, which is what makes them less efficient and expensive to use. However, these issues depend on how much use you will be getting from your unit. Be sure to check with your provider for additional information regarding this concern.

Make the smart move by picking your unit from the long line of MANNIX gas heaters Adelaide. Be even smarter by considering these tips:

  • Select the right fuel
  • Choose the correct type of gas heater
  • Make sure it is the right size for the room you will be heating.
  • Don’t go cheap; get value for your money. Cheap gas heaters could mean compromising the health and safety of your family.