The Best Floor Tiles Adelaide for Your Kitchen Rated By Activity

The kitchen is one of the bustling places inside the house. People are always coming in and out of it, especially when you’re expecting guests or cooking dinner for the family. Because of this, you need to choose the best flooring system for your kitchen, while no variant can beat floor tiles Adelaide, what you need to decide is which type of tiles are best for your kitchen. The vast number of varieties that’s available can get overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done our research ahead and have come up with the best kitchen tiles rated by the activity that’s commonly done in the kitchen.



Best Overall: Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the all-time best when it comes to any flooring system for any room at home. It’s sleek, stylish, versatile, and attractive. It’s long been considered as a popular choice as a kitchen floor because of its resilience and wide range of available styles and designs. When properly sealed and grouted, ceramic tiles can resist any kitchen spill or stain. Additionally, since it’s durable and rock-hard, it can stand up well to any pressure or traffic inside the kitchen.


Best for the Cost: Sheet Vinyl

With kitchen floors, you want to get the most cost-effective option available. You want something that will shed water and stand up to heavy traffic. That’s where sheet vinyl comes in handy. It does all of that, and it’s offers a super fast install. Best of all, sheet vinyl doesn’t have any seams, which is ideal for repelling spills better moisture resistance.


Best for DIY Enthusiasts: Vinyl Tile

Sticking with the vinyl line, we have traditional vinyl tile – the perfect kitchen tile for people who love to DIY everything. Available in standard 12×12 sizes, tile vinyl can be installed easily by peeling off the back “paper” and sticking the tile to the floor. Other vinyl floor tiles Adelaide variants require a separate adhesive.


Best for Comfort: Laminate

As a kitchen floor option, laminate isn’t at the top of the best options. It’s hard on the foot (can be mitigated with proper padding), and water tends to infiltrate between the seams easily. However, if you do like the organic and earthy look of wood in your kitchen and don’t mind it’s maintenance-intensive nature, laminate is a viable option that you can take. It’s also an easy DIY install.


These are some of the best floor tiles that you can incorporate into your kitchen. Other tiles can also work as kitchen flooring, but these are nothing but the best ones. You can find out more fantastic home improvement articles over at our blog page. Check it out now!