Building Inspections Are An Essential Part Of Building Safety

A building inspector performs an inspection of a structure to determine the overall condition of the building. The inspector will look at the inside of the building and outside, noting key aspects of the structure that affect its safety, such as the presence of any hazardous conditions or materials. The inspector may conduct a visual examination of the exterior of the building or conduct laboratory tests on the structure to determine its stability. These types of examinations are performed before the construction begins and periodically after that. A building inspector will make the determination on whether or not a structure meets required building codes.

building inspectorA building inspector’s duties will vary depending on the type of construction. When a home is being built, the building inspector will examine both the interior and exterior of the house to be sure it conforms to building plans. The inspector will also make sure no construction mistakes were made when the initial design was created. Any issues with structural safety can be averted when the owner has a licensed building inspector inspect the property.

When a structure is being constructed, the building inspector will also verify that the proper building codes have been complied with. Some common areas of concern with construction are plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, interior and exterior building framing, lighting, septic, and landscaping. All these areas are subject to routine inspections by trained professionals. When these portions of the construction are being inspected, it is essential to have an individual explicitly trained in these areas check them to ensure they are up to code.

Professional building inspectors will also provide the owner with a report on the condition of the structure. This is referred to as the final report. This is usually given after the inspection is completed. It will include any recommendations for changes that can be made to the structure and a summary of what was found during the inspection. Before the next scheduled building inspection, any significant findings that require attention will be noted and discussed with the homeowner.

A building inspector will be made aware of any material or equipment that does not meet the current standards for safety. When this occurs, it can be a costly mistake. Even if it is just one faulty part, it could cause significant damage to the entire construction. The building inspector will require the owners to take whatever action is necessary to correct the problem. If there is a problem with a significant portion of the structure, it could mean ripping out portions of the floor or roof or causing other structural damage. When this happens, it is very difficult to rebuild, and the cost of the whole project could end up being more significant than the cost of the defective part.