Ways to Use Your SilageWrap Balers Twine

Balers twine are known for its effectiveness on the field. It’s a useful and convenient tool to have, especially if you’re looking to achieve success in the silage baling process. However, apart from its natural uses, baling twine is also useful for other purposes as well. For instance, you can also use it at home, or on your barn. It may be called a SilageWrap balers twine, but it’s more than just a tool for baling. You can use it in any type or rope-related purpose. With that said, here are some excellent examples of how you can use your balers twine for purposes other than baling your silage.


Uses of Baling Twine Around the Barn

  • Use as a loop for hanging water buckets in the stall.
  • Use to hang treats in the stall.
  • Use for hanging salt blocks in the stall.
  • For hanging any type of item that you’ll need in the stall.
  • Alternative safety ties in the trailer.
  • For fixing broken hay nets.
  • As an alternative hay net. You can click this link on how to use your plastic silage wrap balers twine as a hay net.
  • For tying a loop of baling twine on the end of scissors or hoof picks to make them easy to hang.
  • For folding winter blankets for better storage and organisation.
  • For tying, bags of feed closed with baling twine to prevent spoilage.
  • When camping, use baling twine to safety tie your horses and livestock.
  • Used for creating braided mats in tack rooms and doorways in your barn.
  • To fasten misting fans or stall fronts.


Uses of Baling Twine at Home

  • As an alternative dog leash or collar.
  • As an alternative tug-of-war toy. Click here to know how to braid baling twines together to create a thicker and stronger rope.
  • For securing plants like grapes and tomatoes.
  • Securing hoses and other equipment for storage.
  • As clothesline to hang your laundry.
  • Use as an alternative shoestring.
  • Use as an alternative belt for cinching your jeans uptight
  • Use as an alternative jump rope for kids to play.
  • For hanging outdoor plants
  • Use as dental floss. Click here to learn how to do it.
  • Use to create a DIY hammock. If you have the time and talent, you can create a hammock out of used baling twine.
  • Use to create scrubbies for your washing kitchen utensils with tough stains.



So as you can see, a SilageWrap balers twine can be used for multiple purposes. It’s an all-around rope that you can use for whatever you need inside and out of the farm. For more tips and tricks on using your balers twine, check out our other articles on our blog page.