Awnings: A Great Addition to Your Home

Awnings are coverings made from different materials that are attached to the exterior of a home or building. They can come in various sizes, colours, or designs.  For whatever use you have in mind for an awning, they have several advantages for your home and lifestyle.

  1. Awnings Protect Against Harsh Elements

Just like many outdoor fixtures, awnings can protect your home from weather elements. Awnings keep water away from weak exterior areas of your house. All-weather awnings can maintain the strength of windows and doors by preventing precipitation from causing any damages. Forgetting to close windows and doors during a rain is not an issue because awnings stop rainwater from getting into your house.

Awnings also protect from the sun aside from keeping the rain away. Protection from the sun is beneficial, especially if you have an extended living space. With a shaded outdoor area, you can have outdoor quality time without worrying about the harsh weather elements like sun or rain.


  1. Awnings are Energy-Efficient

The shade that awnings from Betta Blinds provide does not only benefit you from the outside but from the inside of your home as well. Since awnings decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home, the air inside your home stays cool. Additionally, your home can be kept cool during the warmer months by awnings without straining your air conditioning. And, the less you use your air conditioning, the less energy you consume, thereby cutting energy costs. You can also opt to put retractable awnings above walkways and outdoor air conditioning units for added cooling effect.


  1. Awnings Protect Your Home Interior

Many aspects inside the home, such as upholstery, carpets, paintwork, and woodworks, are vulnerable to sun exposure. Awnings installed above windows are well able to protect your home interior from harsh rays of the sun and keep them in tiptop shape.


  1. Awnings Add Colour and Shape to Your Home

As with any other home improvement fixture, the aesthetic appeal should be considered. If your home has a flat colour palette because of preference or neighbourhood guidelines, installing a bold awning can add life and sparkle to your home’s otherwise basic exterior. Awnings add an exciting feature and texture to your home that will make it more welcoming compared to other home exteriors.

Awnings come in many materials, colours, shapes, and styles to choose from that will suit the overall look of your home.


  1. Awnings Add Value to Your Home

Awnings from Betta Blinds add value to your home through its energy-efficiency and aesthetic appeal. A home with awnings installed appears to be more attractive to potential buyers. Aside from this, they also create extended livings spaces that give the impression of a larger home. The extended living spaces can be the perfect area for an outdoor dining area, entertainment centre, or luxury spa.



As you can see, awnings can be a great addition to your home. Get one now!