How Much Do I Have to Spend to Add a Pergola to My Adelaide Home?

A pergola is an open-framed structure consisting of columns and beams for supporting climbing and hanging plants. Usually made of wood or vinyl, a pergola is located either at the entrance of the house or in the backyard to provide shade or visual interest.

Pergolas AdelaidePergolas and arbours are similar except that arbours are generally smaller with a domed top, while the flat-topped pergolas are large enough to cover an alley or to span a patio or terrace.

Let’s get discussing pergolas Adelaide prices as the reason you are reading this is to get some idea for your project. This article will discuss costs for the DIYers, as well as the styles and finally why it will be best to have professionals build one for you.

Typical Costs:

An inexpensive and medium-sized pergola (10 ‘x 10’) can take a few hours to build. Construction material stores, warehouses and some retail stores sell ready-made pergola kits (which can weigh up to hundreds of pounds). A steel pergola can cost between $300 and $500, but a low-maintenance vinyl or aluminium pergola kit costs between $800 and $2,000; The disadvantage is that they are less durable and sturdy than the more expensive woods and composite varieties.

Hardwood and composite pergolas Adelaide prices usually start at about $2,500. However, if you watch for sales events at your local hardware store, you might find cheaper pergolas. The cost can quickly reach $4,000 depending on materials (cedar and redwood tend to be more expensive). In-store kits may include warranties (from 1 to 20 years) on the frame, finish, and may consist of sunscreen. Keep in mind that these models do not allow customisation. You might be stuck with a pergola you never imagined to be!

Why a Custom Pergola is the Way to Go

Custom pergolas are the most expensive – there’s no surprise there. However, as far as looks and longevity are concerned, nothing can come close. Because it is a premium home improvement project, you can expect a good ROI and buyer interest, when the time comes to sell your home.

Available in vinyl and wood, custom pergolas can usually be purchased and installed by a professional as a stand-alone project. The most valuable benefit is you get a pergola that is built to your specifications.

This customisation comes at a price; you will find that pergolas Adelaide prices will be between $25 and $50 per square foot (or more), depending on the cost of materials and labour.

Labour will require at least two labourers to build it; 3 to 48 hours to complete; and the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers/ratchets and sockets, a tape measure, ladders, a hammer/rubber mallet, a plumb, a level, etc. We’ve seen claims by bloggers that they spent about $2500, but to get one built correctly, you need some construction know-how!