Why You Should Choose Joinery Over Premade Furniture

You have been eyeing on that spot in the living room that has a TV stand that looks like it has seen its days. You have seen pictures of armoires in the glossy pages of your interior design magazine. This one mahogany piece that caught your eye would be in perfect harmony with the rest of the furnishings in your home. Before getting in your car to head out to the furniture shop and getting one that is premade, why not consider having one custom-made by Joinery Adelaide.

Most of the time, the question that comes to mind when people need a piece of furniture is whether they should or not purchase solid wood furniture.

There is a gazillion of joinery options available, from laminated plastics to wood veneers, here are just a few concerns you might have as you should consider the advantages of solid wood furniture over premade.

  1. Quality

Nothing can equal the beauty of solid wood furniture. They give any room a classic, elegant look. It always conveys thoughts of timeless quality.

Stop thinking about the cost for one moment. Assuredly, this higher initial investment will more than pay for itself as far as the quality of the wood – walnut and oak are incredibly durable, and the furniture produced will last for generations. They can bear the wear and tear that comes from daily use. The timeless looks of cherry, maple, and mahogany pieces are always a delight to the eyes and also have long-lasting qualities as well. If cleaning regularly, they all need just minimal maintenance and occasional polishing.

  1. A Genuine Concern for the Environment

Solid wood is sourced from forests that are replenished continually while laminated or fake wood is manufactured using synthetic materials and filled with chemicals. Going natural is always a win for the environment!

  1. Weighing-in on the Cost

The price seems to always get in the way because we forget to look at the real value of solid wood furniture. Often, consumers choose the lower-quality materials that are easier on the pocket across the board.

We all have bad experiences with veneer furniture that we purchased for some purpose or another in our house. We’ve tried DIY repairs for the dings and scratches from moving them from one spot to another –to no avail! They generally do not live through a move from one house to another. These cheaper options often sacrifice quality, and your wallet is the offering! What you save initially will cost you more in the coming days.

Reminding is a good thing about these disadvantages you can experience with cheap furniture and be persuaded to invest instead in solid wood Joinery Adelaide. Nothing compares to the delight you can experience with these custom pieces. You will surely be proud to show them off to your guests. Best of all, you know that they offer more durability and longevity – and soon enough, you will realise that they are much more cost-efficient.