Do I Need Pre-Purchase Home/Building Inspections?’ Here’s What You Need to Know

Every time you purchase a new house, you always get advice like “get pre-purchase building inspections.” Sure; why not. I mean it doesn’t harm anybody if you do get home/building inspections. But is it truly worth it? Do you need pre-purchase building inspections? Yes, you do. It’s one of the most critical phases of buying a property. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the reasons why you need a pre-purchase inspection when buying a house:

The Seller Will Do Anything to Sell Their House

home/building inspectionsHere’s the biggest reason why you should get home or building inspections. Some sellers can get desperate. Once sellers get desperate, they’re going to do everything they can to make sure their home gets sold fast. That includes not disclosing any potential flaws that their home might have. If you overlook the importance of getting a home inspection, you will risk potentially getting a house that’s going to give you problems in the future. By getting building inspections, you’re saving yourself from any potential misfortunes. You can then disclose everything to the seller and control the entire negotiations.

The Realtor is Working for the Seller

The seller has employed the real estate agent to obtain the best possible price for the sale of their house. Ideally, both the seller and the realtor will try their best to discourage you from getting home/building inspections. Not only will this jeopardise their entire sales and commission, but it will also pave the way for re-negotiation of the proposed price. One way to get around this potential wrinkle in their plans is by employing their building and pest inspectors to create a biased report about the home. As the buyer, you should avoid this from happening by commissioning your building inspector. That way, you can get a quality, unbiased report about the real status of the house.

You Can’t Rely on Anyone to do Building Inspections for You

Finally, you should keep in mind that you can’t rely on anyone to do the inspections for you. You can’t get your neighbour, family or friend to do it for you. Only a certified building inspector is by the local government to perform building inspections. Building inspectors also have a particular skill set and applies across all building industry trades. That’s why if you’re looking for an inspector, make sure it’s the real one.

So, do you need pre-purchase home/building inspections? The answer is a resounding, yes! Now get on your phone and call out hotline now! We offer professional building inspections at very competitive prices. Make sure you don’t miss out on our promos.